About us
About us
We are a London based digital agency helping small and medium businesses, who want to establish in the market with little resources and get a positive outcome through it, we make that possible for them. We provide services that are not only the best available in the market but are also very cost effective to new entrants into the digital marketing world. We give you tailored advice depending on the size of your brand and the amount of resources you have to establish yourselves.
Our team
Our team
Shrikant Sanap
The brain child behind this agency who has got experience working with many different brands. A passionate traveller who likes to make friends all over the world and an indefinite love for Spain.
Adriano Mescia
Global nomad graphic designer
who likes photography, football,
technology and to travel.
You will be mesmerised by his designs and the passion for his work.
Harshal Sanap
A programmer that can code
real good stuff.
Apart from being techsavvy,
he is a fitness freak and loves
taking photographs.